Step by Step Guide To Find Powerful Expired Domains

How many of you all are taking advantage of expired domains at this moment? Imagine the perks of being able to purchase an already existed domain which has an impressive backlink profile and has been tailored-made for your target audience at the same price of a completely new domain. What can you achieve having an expired domain? Expired Domains are beneficial in two ways –

  1. To build new authority site to move past the competition
  2. To build a private blog network

Whatever attempts you take towards gaining a domain, you shouldn’t simply ignore the potential of expired domains can offer. Today we will present a step by step guide to help you utilize this power effectively.


What Will You Learn From This Guide?

  • How to use expired domains to your advantage?
  • The easiest way to find the right expired domains in your niche
  • How to purchase expired domains with relevant traffic?
  • How to rebuild expired domains according to your preferences in a click?


What Can You Use Expired Domains For?

With this guide, you can learn the easiest way to find potential expired domains with tailored made traffic. But before we dive into the points, I want you to understand what can you use expired domains for. There are 3 ways in which you can use expired domains.


  • Build Authority Sites

It is generally advised not to invest in a new domain to build a new authority site or niche site. Why do we advise to investing in a new domain? While building with a new domain you have to invest starting from SEO perspective which costs you time and resources. Instead, if you register for an expired domain you will have an authority to build the site.

The best thing is it offers you to jump start on building a content rich site on an already potential expired domain. Without any additional efforts, you will be able to break through the page rankings and be the on top of the list. You cannot get this benefit with a brand new domain.

But you can get the already expired domain at the same price with much benefits than a brand new domain.


  • Build a Private Blog Network

Undoubtedly, building a Private Blog Network is an exponentially powerful link to create. Overall, you are building a bevy of highly authoritative sites in your niche and then you can use these sites to rank any other sites as per your preferences easily.

Private Blog Networks are the savior of link building because you will have thorough control over content, link placement, anchor text, and so on. But, this can be achieved only if you can find expired domains in your niche with clean link profile and spam free history.


  • Redirect 301’s

Make use of 301 by redirecting your expired domains to your main site. Doing this will pass over link data and authority of expired domain to your main site immediately. This will prove more effective this the domain already has existing traffic.

However, this way of link building is laborious and wouldn’t be recommended for more than two or three 301 redirects. It is firmly not recommended as a regular link building method.


Additional Way – Private Web 2.0 Blog Network

Just like how normal domains expire, so do subdomains from popular web 2.0 blogging services like, Blogspot, and Tumblr, etc. You will be delighted if you can find them and you can build a powerful network of web 2.0 sites for a total price of nothing! All you have to do is register for a free account then claim the expired username/subdomain and you have it all!


How To Easily Find Powerful Expired Domain

Now that you know how to use expired domains to your advantage, let’s find out what is the easiest way to discover these expired domains. We would like to recommend you to use this software – Domain Hunter Gatherer


8 Ways To Find Expired Domains with this Software

1.Hunt from Keywords: Search some keywords from your niche and this software will help you find expired domains with links from the webpage that are currently ranking for these keywords.

2.Hunt from Websites: You need to find specific website/websites to find expired domains that they link to. Ex: You can find expired domains with links from Wikipedia/The New York Times

3.Reverse Hunt Domains: When you enter a domain name, the software will find all the backlinks to that domain and scan them to find expired domains.

4.Auction Hunter: You can search up to 8 expired domain marketplaces with your keyword search and look up for important metrics.

5.Web 2.0 Hunter: You can find relevant expired web 2.0 sites from 20 different web 2.0 platforms.

6.N0 3rd Party Service Required: A bonus of using this software is that you can get everything in one. It fetches metrics from Majestic and Moz at no additional cost. By this, you can save 100’s dollars every month.

7.Filtering/Sorting: You can easily filter and sort your search according to your preferences by any metrics. Ex – Filters according to countries, languages, and even domains with traffic.

8.Bonus Feature: You can rebuild the entire websites in just a click, watch this video to understand better.



So, now you know what is the use of expired domains and how easily you can find expired domains. Use it to your advantage. Even if you want to buy an SEO authority or an expired domain, you have all the knowledge you need to know to use this to your fringe benefit. So, you also have gained an extra insight on how to rebuild entire expired website with just a click.

Even if you are looking at buying a domain name, lookup DN Finder and purchase domain names from our listings.

So, what are you waiting for? Now it’s all up to you on how will you take advantage of these expired domains.

Rachael Chapman

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