Why Should You Know About What a Domain Name Strategist Does?


Domain Name Strategist subsequently decide their domain & brand names to proactively protect their brand online by decreasing the chance for others to use the brand name in their online activities, specifically, in their website URL’s. One of the essential factor smart companies emphasis is to owe domain names found in the market to owe a market. For some companies, it is a matter of luck that will help to lock up the whole market with ’n’ number of domains while for others it is a matter of few category names for the domain.

Domain Strategy: We are all aware of facts like security and registration of the brands online. But what we do know is — There are a set of people who will buy the domain in the belief that one day they are going to develop and make a business out of this , whilst other set of people buy a domain in the sheer impression or admiration of the domain name.

Sure, many digital marketers and entrepreneurs will be able to predict the next big domain extension just like .mobi and .me. And there are a huge chunks of domain names and extension, yet .COM extension stands as the king of the domain names and will remain to dethrone other extensions in a larger perspective. So, what can next step that someone can take in this situation

  • Look for the best category domains that have good percentage of traffic
  • Negotiate with the domain owners to earn the desired domain name

How do we go about this strategy? — Buy a new meaningful dotcom domain name and then share these in multiple media forums, and let the social media help you spread word of mouth advertising and by this, you gain abundant free traffic to your site.

You may think that the brand name and service/product will earn you a good amount of traffic. While you’re aiming to be successful in your market, doing this is only partially correct. You’ll have to spend some money on educating the people to learn about your product when compared to own the best category. These are not only the factors that put you up on the pedestal in the market.

Example: http://www.rootbeer.com/ by A&W has made its way into gaining traffic by giving them more insight about the products. rootbeer.com is considered to be one of most leading Root Beer makers.

Leasing as an Option

Leasing is the latest domaining trend. It is highly impossible to own 100 domains, yet you can build them later in the course of time. But not many domainers are willing to spend the amount of money into the turn it into a quality website.

If we have to build a site, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just making the landing page. But, you need to regularly keep updating new content in the web & be active on the page. Why will any domaineer work on building his website whilst getting 50K a month by parking his sites?

Manier times the domain owners will not want to sell outright, so they will try to negotiate with the owner for a solution. Some owners lease their domain when the domain isn’t developed so you will have a better chance of owning the domain temporarily.

Location Based Extensions

The most overlooked strategy by domainers is country based extensions. You need to understand a domain strategist is the business and brand builder in the company. You will not find this to be an issue if you owe worldwide companies. But what about retailers who can offer only region based services? Hence, you should always look out for such opportunities that enhance your credibility in the market.

So, to sum this up, do look for meaningful domain names, most importantly retain your domain names with .COM, look for negotiating with the domain owners, take advantage of the leasing option and finally use location based extensions. You can look for your desired domain names at D N Finder.


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