Sell your Unused Domain Name with these 7 Great Tips


Sell your Unused Domain Name for profits

Domain Name Buying & Selling is one of the fastest moving activity that many people fail to realize. While being within that marketplace, a large number of entrepreneurs are making fair amount of profits from domain. To understand the amount of money that is at stake, you can browse through DN Journal to view the List of Top 100 Domain Name Sales.

There a number of factors that determined the actual valuation of a Domain Name. Domain Names can sell for anything between from a few hundred dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars in some cases. These factors depends upon where you are in the process as well. So, it is important to understand when you can increase the value of your domain before you make the move to sell the domain name.

This is the ideal situation where if you haven’t brought a domain name yet and if you are thinking about buying and selling domain, then you are in an ideal situation. Even if you have a domain that you just don’t use anymore you can still use these tips to improve your chances at getting more money for your Domain when you sell.

The 7 Tips for selling your unused Domain Names are

#1 Increase the Value of your Domain Name

Before you starting selling your domain, it is important to the know the value of the domain realistically. It can be difficult to arrive at the accurate value of the domain when you have a wide range of prices that domains go for auctions. There are ways in which you can estimate the value of the domain also you can increase the value of the domain for potential buyers.

You can easily buy domains on cheap prices if you are ready to spend some time digging for any domains available. Plenty of domain sites offer search tools to do that research. Example: DN Finder

Sell your Unused Domain Name for profits

If you are likely to get the Available Domain Name anywhere from $10 to $20 Dollars but if it’s already taken and for sale by a third party (known as a “Premium” domain), then you’ll end up paying significantly more.

Now, what’s the deal with buying & selling domains? You are sure to crack a deal only if you know what sorts to domain you look for and what you do once you have them because large amounts of money is involved in this process.

#2 Park and Monitor Traffic

If you are typically wondering what involves when you are buying & selling domain, then you would be interested in knowing the little waiting period (usually) after you buy the domain. You cannot sell them immediately and thus Park your Domain in the holding pattern.

Sell your Unused Domain Name

This mean that your parked domain site sits in your registered account and display the visitor that your domain is parked. Instead of keeping you web page ideal, forward your web page to a simple web page to generate leads for the domain.

#3 Determine your Keyword Value

Before you sell the domain, know its value by estimating how many people are searching in Google for the same name for the domain. While the latest Google algorithm changes are making exact-name domain matches not quite as critical as they used to be, they are still extremely important in an overall SEO strategy.

If people are looking to launch a financial blog about the U.S. federal deficit, and if they can get a domain called, that would sure be pretty valuable to them, wouldn’t it? There are a few quick and simple ways to gauge the keyword value of your domain. Head on over to Google Adwords, and type in the words that make up your domain. For example, if your domain is “”, type in “cheap haircuts.”

Sell your Unused Domain Name for profits

Make sure to select “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms.” The results will reveal not only the global monthly search numbers for that search phrase, but it’ll also show you the search numbers for closely related terms as well. If the keywords you look up have their own high search numbers every month, and close variations of that phrase also have very high search numbers, you’re looking at a domain name that could potentially bring in a whole lot of search traffic.

Of course, search traffic doesn’t just depend on keywords alone. A site needs a strong vision. If you can combine high keyword trends with a powerful vision for the future of that domain, you can generate a convincing sales pitch for potential buyers. It’s the sizzle in the steak that’s going to generate those sales leads and bring in the big offers for your domain.

#4 Create a Vision for Your Domain

There are plenty of reasons for someone to come across your domain sales to fall for a convincing sales story. They would be starting own blog, a personal website, an e-commerce site, or an informational educational site. However, the keyword phrase of your site often tells its own story. Think of the list of ideas that people could do with your domain and generate 5 exciting ideas that gets people to own your domain.

#5 Look up for Average Domain Prices

Once you have developed a powerful sales story for your domain, then your next step is to estimate the general value that you can expect from your domain name. Use any of the domain auction websites such as DN FinderAfternicSedo, and Flippa other than GoDaddy and search their directories for your domain name or for a similar one. At times, the prices range for the domain might a bit expensive, so review the ask prices that other domain owners expect and get a clear average price. If not, you can use search trends to compare your keyword searches trends with the other domains.

Sell your Unused Domain Name for profits_price comparison

#6 Build a Great Sales Page

You can create a great sales page by combining a sales page and an ad page, you can generate funds from Google Ads & also offer sales link for anyone interested in buying the domain.

You may want to bypass selling ads, if you are really interested about selling domain and provide a clear description about your vision for the domain and include information that could convince your prospect to buy the domain. Ex: Add high search value of the domain information

#7 List your Domain for Sale

The final stage of selling your domain is landing the sales. Top domain marketplace is the safest for transactions, as it is handled by a trusted company, making it more likely that the sale process will be followed the buyers. Choose your sale wisely and keep the cost low. CAX is a domain marketplace, where you can sell your domain by giving up about 8 to 10 % for the sale as commission.

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