Improving Your Website Search Engine Ranking


Your website search engine ranking ascertains the number of sales leads that you will receive via your website. When your rankings increase automatically there will an increase in the frequency of sales leads you will receive. For any e-commerce websites, your search engine ranking directly affects your sales.

Search Engine Result Pages

Search Engine Ranking can only refer to a keyword phrase at a time. However, your website search engine ranking is not just an aspect, as it varies depending on the keyword phrase being used in the user query.

For example, search term such as ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and ‘Search Engine Optimization’ will all yield different SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Keyword Phrase Competition

The competition for ranking keyword phrases will also vary depending on the market you are in. For example ‘Social Media Marketing’ may be more competitive than ‘Content Marketing’.

‘Social Media Marketing Port Elizabeth’ will be less competitive than ‘Social Media Marketing Cape Town’, which is, in turn, less competitive than ‘Social Media Marketing Johannesburg’.

Local Search Engine Ranking Results

The density of similar service providers competing for rankings on the same keyword phrase in a particular area will also influence search engine ranking results.   

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

To boost your Search Engine Optimization, incorporate all these 10 aspects in your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy.

Make sure all your website pages can be found (and indexed) by Google

You can use Google’s Search Console to check the Search Engine Sitemap and robots.txt file are allowing access to all the important areas of your website.

Make sure all the contents of your page are readable by Google in text format. This should comprise of images and videos which must be clearly tagged so that Google can understand what these elements are. Without this index, you won’t be able to rank and Search Engine Optimisation will never work.

Research the Relevant Keyword Phrases for your Business

Every business wants to provide a solution to the user problem. An example could be “Search Engine Optimisation Cape Town” or Search Engine Optimsation Johannesburg” to discover an SEO company specializing in this activity in a particular area.

Users may use variations of these keyword phrases i.e, ‘SEO Cape Town’ or ‘SEO Port Elizabeth’ and many others besides.

You have to discover all the combinations of keyword and phrases people are using to find solutions to their problems. At the same time, your website keywords should also mirror these keywords and phrases in the indexable content on your website in order to rank higher.

Analyze the Competition for your Keywords

Discover and learn which pages and websites are ranking higher than yours. Use these actual keywords you have identified in the searches on Google. Use this SERP investigation to study the competition and analyze what the search engine has decided. And these results are the most relevant on your competitor’s websites.

Ask yourself how you can do better? How can you improve on the competitor offerings? Can you make it easier to understand? Can you provide organized information in a better way?

Also, analyze the content on these pages and add to your list of possible keywords.  

Create Great Content to Showcase Your Keywords

Check for all the static pages to match your primary keywords. The important factor is if you don’t have these, create them first. Make sure your primary keyword pages are supported by secondary keyword pages and if necessary tertiary keyword pages. The principle behind this concept is that each keyword should have its own page. Intelligently retain these primary, secondary, and related keywords on these pages.

Make sure that you use keywords to link internally on your website to relevant content. For example, a mention of ‘website marketing’ should link to a page entitled Website Marketing. Also, mark sure you use a Blog to create great content to bookmark on Social Networks. Each blog entry should also emphasize the discussion of a keyword.

Create authoritative content hierarchies, otherwise known as semantic architecture. At this juncture, you should make sure the content is as attractive as possible with suitable images, videos, or infographics. Here, enhancing the ability of others sharing your content should be your main aim. Any media content should be tagged correctly. Above all, make your website useful for your website visitors.

Make sure your Content Presentation is Technically Correct

The relevance of your page is found by Google with your page title, meta description, and URL for your chosen keyword phrase. It makes absolute sense of this you make sure these page elements promote the keyword phrase.

Other On Page elements such as Page Titles are also critical. You should have your on-page content remains congruent to your primary keyword phrase for the page. Stay on to the topic and organize your content logically.

Aim to Achieve Authority in your Particular area(s) of expertise

Brevity is the enemy of this endeavor. You should aim to present your subject matter as concise as possible.

Domain authority is an indication of the value ascribed to your website relevance. The only way to do this is to create semantic content silos.

Aim to make your website the digital ‘go-to’ destination in your area of expertise.

Optimize your Page to Load as soon as possible

The speed optimization of your pages, page elements, and coding is crucial for a great user experience especially while using a mobile. In some cases, a simplified page structure may be the structure. But, in most cases, the website technology used must be up-to-date to take advantage of technical improvements aimed at improving the user experience. Make sure your website is upgraded.

Deal with Trust Issues

Security has been an essential factor in a website. HTTPs is an essential security signal to users that prove your credibility. It also protects the exchange of information between your website and your visitors.

It will help to build a trust between your visitors when you remind them they have come to the right place and display your credentials and testimonials. Use correct grammatical usage and spelling is the basic necessity to promote professionalism in the marketplace.

Choose the Right Social Channels

Choose the right social channels to reach out to as many as people and get your content in the open. If you continue to drive your social channels properly the scope for retaining existing clients and find new clients is endless.

Engage Professionals for Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The best way is to have an SEO company that has proven track records. Look at the search engine ranking of the SEO company you use. Where do they rank?

The better question that you consider is where have the SEO company managed to rank their clients.

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