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Do you want to be on the first page of Google? Of course you want. This position is important, and it is not a coincidence, but SEO optimization is responsible for this, or certain steps taken in that direction. Why it is important to be the first? Start from yourself. How far do you go in searches when looking for something in Google? When was the last time you looked for service or product on page 15? It does not matter just that you have your place on the Internet. If you want a noteworthy performance and effective online advertising then you should be on the first few pages of the Google search engine. In order for your site to be spotted at the top, SEO optimization of the site is necessary, and we will say something more about it below.


What is SEO?


It’s part of an internet marketing strategy that allows you to be noticed first in Internet browsers. It implies, among other things, the following steps: market needs assessment (whether there is a demand for your product or space to create a need for people), testing the competition (whether there is market analysis and how strong it is) and the development of a plan (what is it that you have in relation to the competition and how to get to the consumer in the original way). When you are in this situation, when you need to find a solution for you site or product that you want to be well placed on the Internet, the same questions always arise. Why should it be the first, what are the segments of your service that are better than the competition? Is this a specific feature of the product you offer (for example, the natural ingredients of the product, the speed at which it operates, the length of time and the quality of the product, the range of problems that you can solve with one product …) that your competition does not have? Is it quality of content and functionality, customer support, payment method, sending, ordering? What exactly should the site achieve? For this, SEO serves. SEO implies some technical and some logical moves related to the content on your site.


How to improve Google rankings with SEO?

If your business is specific and has no competition (and it’s unlikely), coming to the top page of Google can be relatively easy. However, when you have huge competition, getting on one of the first pages becomes a real marketing challenge. What you need is a connection. Part of this connection are the words that visitors search in the search query. Just when someone asks for a product, a service, a solution to some of their problems, it’s important that your product or service appear on the first page – to be the first to provide information or sell a product that meets the specific needs of the visitor. There are some practices that can help you succeed in doing this.


Find keywords

Best SEO practices - keywords


You must be wondering if your site can be the first one as soon as someone opens Google? Of course not! It takes a user to type something in it. What visitors search for are keywords for which you need to optimize your site. The content of your site should be based on what people are searching on the Internet, not on what you have to offer. To see what is required for your business and how much of a keyword is searched for on Google, you can use the Google keyword planner. The best thing about internet marketing is that you can check some things quickly! For example, competition. You can check (and it’s desirable) how your competition is positioned on the Internet.

Links and connection

We have already mentioned the importance of Internet links. In the Internet world these links are links that can be internal and external. These types of links are the links that you hold in your hands. Like all practices that you can influence, they are part of on-site SEO optimization. Inner links are those links that connect content within your site. If you are talking about a product on one site, you can add a link to the content on your site that completes the story on that subject, or a link to that page of the site where the contact is or any other information about it. External links are links to all those content that deeper explain your text, and which are not on your site. Backlinks are very important in this SEO story and these are the links that lead from other sites to your site. This is also called off-site SEO optimization. It’s completely unnecessary to say that the stronger and more influential connection that you have, your importance in the eyes of Google will be greater. In that sense, one link from the best-ranked site will raise your content much more than a dozen links from much less significant blogs and less relevant sites.


Relevant content

Best SEO practices - relevant content


Want to be noticed, your site visited and the content read? Give the readers the reasons for this. Make really good content on the topic you are processing, worth reading and sharing. Do not just deal with keywords and their layout, but more with content quality. Moreover, texts that do not have a keyword at all in the title, can prove to be good only because they provide relevant and quality information about the keyword in the content itself. Also, the length of the content is important. Google better ranks content that is longer. However, it is not the key in its length as much as the content quality. With longer content, you will cover all the essential items and any questions that may interest someone on a particular subject. However, it does not need long text and repeat one and the same only because of the number of words, because such a content will become boring and irritate readers.


User experience

Best SEO practices - User experience

If content on your site is interesting, informative, useful, fun, important for user who searches for a particular term, he will be staying there for some time by studying it. If he realizes that the content is not what he needs, he will leave the site and look for a response somewhere else. The time users spend on the site is a very important indicator of how much the site offers relevant information for a particular phrase. You can write text full of keywords and phrases, but if visitors leave the site, this is a sign that the site does not fulfill the purpose for that word. The user experience is becoming more and more important in the process of improving Google rankings.

By using these best SEO practices, you will surely succeed in improving Google rankings. When the site meets the purpose for the given word, it looks good and when it’s functional, users will be happy to stay on it, and for Google time spent on the site will be a clear signal that the site should push up! Good luck!

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