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The emergence of the Internet has opened new business opportunities for profit. With the increase in the number of products and services that can be found on the web, the availability and accessibility of their goods for potential customers are growing. That’s why only a few people today run business without relying on internet marketing or having no website. However, there are people who are aware that this type of promotion on the Internet is the best, but they simply do not understand the Internet and its possibilities and do not want to be annoyed about making a website and searching for all the components necessary for its creation. If you belong to this group, there is a solution.

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An increasingly popular business is buying and selling websites. In order to make it easier to decide which website to buy, and to meet your needs, and to avoid all its shortcomings, here are some practices that will help you to walk through this way without much trouble.


The one of which you definitely need to start is the project plan, or to determine which is the policy of your business for which you want to buy a website. The first stage in making any website is the taking of a precise specification of the request of the contracting authority, information on its business and the materials to be used for the website. It will depend on how your site will look and operate, and it will also represent you and your business. Shortly, it will represent a mirror of your company.

Contrary to the process of making a website, in such situations when you decide to buy it, it’s not a bad idea to start from the design. Pay attention to how your future website will look like, because it will talk about you a lot. Design is a step that is being worked out in consultation with a customer, so look at whether the website’s color matches your logo or if a particular color is represented in the brand, to fit it with your website.

The same applies to the website style, font, organization of the whole place. Make sure that the design conforms to the standards and policies of your company. Nothing will strange your site visitor more than confusing or complicated navigation on the site. When your website visits a potential buyer, he needs to know at any time on which page is he, and simply find the pages he has already visited. The navigation menu must be accessible and easy to understand. It should be on every page of your website and located in the same place of the website.

The best website is the one that you can permanently format. What it means? This means you can make changes to it when you want, without much trouble. Certainly you will at some point want to add or edit some content, especially if you are dealing with a store, so the information changes at any time.

It’s a good practice not to get away from a website that has plenty of white space. The white space on the website helps visitors find what they need. As far as the technical side of the website is concerned, it would be a good idea that the website was made using HTML5, the latest code standard. Thus, the website will be able to follow the latest trends in the form of support, and later use it for the SEO organization.

Now, there are the things which people do not like when choosing a website, but which are not less important, on the contrary. These are domain and web hosting. How to choose a good domain? Your domain is the centre of your Internet identity. What makes one domain good and what is bad? First of all his name. Therefore, it is very important that you know which things you should consider when choosing a name that will represent you all over the world. First of all, select the appropriate extension. It is recommended that it be .com, because it is the most widespread, but not mandatory. Choose domain names to remember, that the name is not too long, without dashes. Hosting is the space you rent for setting up your site. By placing and uploading your site on hosting, the site becomes visible to all Internet users. For more information about domains, visit

There are some things you need to take care of, such as SEO. It is better to take a website that does not have SEO, because in this way you avoid site-perfecting sites that are completely fine-tuned. Of course you will want to have a place for improvement on your website when you do search engine optimization. This does not mean you should look for a website without SEO at all. But in this case, the less is more. This is important because, above all, you may not have the same business, so SEO itself is completely different.


However, it would be a good idea that the website you are purchasing is already linked to a site that is well positioned on the Google rank. In this way, you can say that you have done half a job, as far as Google is concerned with positioning and advertising on the Internet. Then, check that the website you are buying does not have any previous penalties. You do not want to pay for any other mistakes, or build your job on a bad previous website experience.

Make good information when purchasing a website (as well as for any purchase), because there are fraudsters who sell something that looks good and does not actually exist. You have to open your eyes widely when buying a website. In order to avoid buying fraud, it is recommended that sites are purchased through secure systems that have auctions and sites for selling websites, that guarantee that the entire process of the trade will pass safely on both sides. Good luck!


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