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It’s been a long time since domains were reserved for companies or advanced users only. Despite the fact that the price of the domain from year to year slightly grows, they are actually very favourable and one of the best investments you can make into today’s digital age. Selecting a domain name is not simple at all, although it seems different. If you have decided to launch a site for your company, a specific site for a particular product or service, your blog, or a new project, you need to think carefully about which name will best mirror your idea. A domain name that is appealing enough to both search engines and site visitors is a smart name. So look what you need to select a good domain name and how to constantly invest in it.

1. Personal name

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Recognizing that you have something that no one else in the world has except you, can come at a low price annually or for how much you are renting a domain. There can only be one .com in the world, or some other domain extension with a specific personal name. Once you have rented your name, you can only wait to stop paying your lease or asking for another combination. The rarest combination of name and surname, the greater the chance that you will be able to rent such a combination of domains once in the future. However, if you have a combination that is very common then it goes through the ‘’first in first out’’ system. Just check your name and surname in the Facebook search engine and see how many people are there with that combination and who can rent a domain before you can. Be the first. Once someone buys a domain with your combination of names and surnames, you can either give a monetary offer that the domain owner will not be able to refuse or wait, a few years, for the domain to expire. All of this can be forewarned if you already rent your personal domain.

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2. Techniques and Logistics

Before, when and after the domain lease, you need to think about some technical and logistical details. The maximum period you can buy for a domain is 10 years. Although it seems easiest to rent a domain right after 10 years, the question is how smart it is because it is quite a long period in which so much can be changed and it is more likely that you will lose your own lease details. For 10 years, people are changing professions, computers, software, email addresses, which all contribute to the risk of losing track of domain leasing. However, the advantage of leasing for 10 years is that you know that during this time period your domain is only yours, you may also receive a discount on the amount and save a few minutes of your time to spend on the extension of the domain every few years. In this way, you are always in progress, you will remember to update your new data if you have changed in the meantime, for example, email address with which you normally register domains, surname, address or something else. You need to decide which pace is best suited to you.

3. Keywords

As you know, when you search the Internet, you enter keywords in Google or some other global or home search site. If you use the term for the domain name, usually used to search for the content your site is dealing with, you are on the right path to rank very highly on search sites. Without using any of the complex techniques for high ranking on search engines such as Google, this can be just what you need. Think about whether your idea contains keywords by which Google will rank you better in searches. Find a few keywords and combine them. Also, long names are outdated and let’s be free to evaluate it – they’re just not cool. And this must be remembered. Focus on the name of one or two short words. Because, if the name of your site is too long, the chances that someone might find you or remember you are … well, pretty thin.

4. Similarities

When considering choosing a domain for a personal or corporate site, it is very important that you avoid any similarity in the name with other brands. The main point is that you are thinking practically, or what it would be easy for people to remember. Or look for ways in which people will connect with your product or what you are dealing with. It’s important that you do not create the possibility of a general confusion in which you will be replaced with another business of a similar name. More importantly, you do not want to leave your potential customers, visitors or customers completely confused. A unique and affectionate name is what will really separate you from the mass of general names. At first step this seems easy, however, in the Internet world, it is really valid: who gets the first domain – his domain. Domains easily and quickly take over and sell out. So, as soon as you think a name is right for you, check its availability with your authorized registers. Tip: register multiple different variants of the domain, the same name with other extensions, for example. The advantage is that the price of the domain is generally very affordable, and will do much for the (secure) future of your brand. Be creative. Take a good look at all possible options. Brainstorming make miracles, especially if you involve a couple of people who have different views on the same thing.

5. Wrong extensions

The online world is a place where people are quick to get used to and easily accept new trends, even though there are certain things that are difficult to adapt. Thus, even if they show a lot of dissatisfaction on the first, in just a few days they will accept every, even radical change of the Instagram or Facebook interface. It’s the same with domains and extensions. Everyone heard about .COM. This extension is undoubtedly the most popular of all. For many, this will be the safest solution, especially if they are not sufficiently informed about the possibilities and choice of other domains. COM is a global domain (gTLD) and is generally accepted, thus giving a certain amount of relevance and authority. However, in addition to dozens of extensions, in the last couple of years, there have been a large number of those which can properly represent your brand and the industry you belong to. National domains are gaining special importance if you run your business or website business first in your country, as Google gives priority to domains with national extensions. On the other hand, choosing a national domain will not limit you to the local market, you will still be available to everyone, but with the advantage in the eyes of localized Google. Thus, the fact that even 97% of all Google search is actually a local character, should help you choose your future domain.

6. Think in the long run – longer than the trend

Domains are like the fashion of the 70’s – they come and go, so be timeless. That even the most creative trends are able to pass, the best way to prove this is the emergence of companies and brands that have ended their domain name with the letter R – perhaps the most famous service from that period is just Flickr. Although the popular site is now “forgiving” the tracking of such a trend, many businesses have become transient, just as the phenomenon that the domain name matches the name of the company (such as Your domain, just like your business, needs to be timeless, attractive and recognizable enough to keep up with the time and short-term trends that often affect the  digital industry.

After all, the goal of every small or medium business is to become a recognizable name in its niche, and its industry. Try to be the first thing that users will think when dealing with a situation that requires solution. Is there a better way than a creative digital identity that will separate you and your business from the masses? However, it may happen that the domain you want for yourself is already bought or for sale under certain conditions. If you  manage to find the second best option, consider buying it, as it is actually a very important investment in the future of your business. Even if none of the above mentioned is not interesting to you, you do not want to think about personal web pages, nor write a blog, online presence does not mean absolutely nothing, you are satisfied with your email address, it is a recommendation to still lease your personal domain because you never know what the future holds and when your domain will be needed. As mentioned earlier, the lease of the domain comes with a relatively low price, and the potential benefit in many ways pay off this investment. You can find out more about domains at

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