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Choosing a domain is a very important topic, some like to say that it is a holistic topic of internet marketing. First of all, it’s important because the change of site’s name is such a tough job and it’s a good thing that such a challenge never happens to you. On the other hand, before you begin to create content, design a promotion strategy, negotiate the cost of designers and developers to create web sites, you need to have a crystal clear view of whether you have chosen the best name for your website. Brilliant brand name is what makes people hear about you and what will separate you from others. Choosing a domain name, although it does not seem right to you now, can be one of the most difficult tasks you will face when building a profitable website, so we’ll talk about the importance of choosing a quality domain name, tips and things to keep in mind.

1. Your domain name should be the name of your site at the same time

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Calling your site with a domain name, many seem to act as an obvious solution, but you will be surprised how many websites do not carry a name in their own domain, even when the owner owns this name. Giving a website the name of domain is important because when people think about your website automatically think about his name. If the name is also a web address (URL), it will automatically know where to go. In the modern world of the Internet where people automatically turn to a network looking for information, it’s worth to have the name of a domain that reflects your site or business. In addition, there will be only a few smaller things that visitors will have to remember. Do not even think that visitors will try to remember a web address that is not related to anything. The only people who will remember the address is you and your competition, whose goal is just to compare their prices with yours.

2. Short or long domain names?

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The domain name can be up to 67 characters long. There is no need to take abbreviations for the domain name, when the name consists of a few letters. Now, the question is which name is better – shorter or longer. Some consider that shorter names are easier to remember, typed and less susceptible to errors. However, some consider that longer names are easier to get into memory. Some of these arguments are more theoretical. Namely, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a short name with meaning. If you manage to get a short name for the domain, make sure it’s meaningful, not something unrelated. A long domain name that contains keywords includes its advantages in terms of search engines. If the words in the domain, represent the keywords for your site, the chances of being better listed on the search engines will increase. Choose a shorter name if you can find someone with a meaning, however, do not throw away long names. Of course, try to avoid extreme long names of 67 possible characters. Except that it’s really impossible for people to remember overly long names, it’s equally difficult to type that name into a browser, and to create a title from the site on it.

3. Use keywords in the domain name

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Using keywords in the domain name is very often when the goal is high ranking in search engines. Search engines, in one way or another, prefer to compare domain names with keywords that contain relevant topics. You may also want to use keywords in the domain name to achieve high ranking on search results pages

4. Domain with or without a dash?

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This can be a big dilemma if the name of the desired domain consists of more than one word. From the aspect of visual experience, the domains with a dash are read faster. With the SEO aspect, there’s almost no difference, so it’s your choice. In general, a slight advantage is in favor of a domain without dashes. By purchasing domains, you have the ability to create your own email address and therefore it may be better to have a non-dash domain because each additional dash is a new character that can confuse the user, in addition to the already famous @.

5. Importance of a unique domain name

First and foremost, it is necessary to say that the vast majority of great domain names have long been busy, but that does not mean that it is impossible to find the one that would fit for you. When choosing a domain name, it is important that you have in mind the idea your company carries, that is branding behind the name. For example a company like McDonald’s, Microsoft, Apple and Pepsi. What do these names have in common? They do not describe the activity of these companies, which is what makes them unique. Branding is something that needs to be carefully considered when choosing a unique domain name. The name that goes beyond, simply describes your idea and becomes a recognizable representation of what you and your company is. Think about this, does the name Apple describe the activity of a well-known company? When someone reminds you of Apple, what do you think or what it associates you with? The goal is to make a world popular brand that everyone recognizes and which all associate with a company that has fantastic products (or whatever your activity is), although for example the name apple is the name of the fruit. We hope that your branding is now a bit clearer and that your goal is to brand your domain name that will be widely recognized. Good brand name is really “the stage preparing” for branding.

6. Five questions rule

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When you decide a company name, or have a couple of them in circulation, make a quick estimate by considering them based on these 5 characteristics: recognition – is your domain name expired? Does it stand out from the rest?; Soundness – say the name aloud. How does it sound? Is it easy to say it? Does it sound good?; Memorable – is it easy to remember? How many times do you need to hear it to remember it?; Meaning – does it show what the business is doing or what is the purpose of the product or service? Does it fit into the personality of your company?; Look- What does it look like when it’s written? Does it look as good as it sounds? The perfect domain name will have all 5 features.

7.  Which extension do I choose?

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For a good domain it is not irrelevant which extension it contains at the end of the name. Sometimes the extension itself makes the difference between “ordinary” domains worth $ 10 and those domains of gold worth $ 70,000. Top level domains (TDLs) are certainly the best choice, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a domain that is not busy (you can forget about one of the short words freely). On a global level, .com domain is inviolable, and it is recommended for projects designed primarily for the global market, which is one of the advantages of such domains.

8. Avoid similarity with competition

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Regardless of whether competition is stronger or not, neither of you want to mix your name with others. On the other hand, people sometimes “steel” a great domain before others, putting a “paw” on the whole niche

9. Use keyword search tools

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There are a large number of free tools for checking the quality of keywords in the Internet when choosing a domain, so it’s recommended that you try at least some of them: most find different combinations of keywords relevant to your website and domains

10. Be sure of your company’s mission

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When you think of your company, you think about what it will be for years to come. And it is normal to expand it after a couple of successful years and to include some things that are not present at the beginning. Consider what is the essence of your brand, but keep in mind your plans for the future. You might start from selling jewellery, but you also want to sell shoes and clothes one day. So, when you are thinking about the name of your domain, think of a little more comprehensive terms that will later easily associate with the ideas you have for the future.

And for the end – a reminder in the form of six short guidelines for selecting a name for your company: choose what not only you like but already attractive to your potential consumers, choose the one with which consumers can connect at an emotional level, do not choose names for your domains which are too long or confusing, avoid names which are like games that only you capture, always check that the domain name is “free” and keep in mind the logo! If you are interested in the availability of a domain and for more information about them, visit dnfinder.com

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